Accountability Board


Board is accountable to AB

The Accountability Board is an organisation to which the Board of Trustees of Pensioenfonds Robeco is accountable for its policies. The AB meets at least once a year.

The Accountability Body annually assesses the policies implemented, the actions of the board and the choices for the future.

The members of the Accountability Board

  Function Representing Member since Reappointing End of term
Mart Postma Chairman Employee 25-03-2019 01-07-2026
Nico Becx Member Employer 08-10-2020 08-10-2024
Anneriet van Rijn-Kruijsen Member Employer 01-07-2018 01-07-2025
Arnout van Rein Member Employer 01-04-2023 01-04-2027
Peter Reinders Member Pensioners 01-12-2016 01-12-2020 01-12-2024
Anne Zuidema Member Pensioners 01-12-2020 01-12-2024

Outline of statutes (09-05-2014)

  • The board shall establish an accountability body.
  • 6 members
  • 2 representatives of the employer, 2 representatives of the members and 2 members of the pensioners.
  • The employer’s representatives are appointed by the employer.
  • The members’ representatives are elected once every 4 years by and from among the members. The representatives of the pensioners are elected once every 4 years by the adult pensioners.
  • The candidate who obtained the most votes is considered elected.
  • If a vacancy occurs in the interim, the person who received the most votes afterwards takes a seat on the Accountability Board.
  • If there are too few candidates for the pensioners, the pensioners’ association will be asked to fill the vacancies.
  • Members of the Accountability Body are appointed, casu quo elected, for a period of four years. They are eligible for reappointment, c.q. re-election.