Disability pension


Suppose you become (temporarily) unfit for work

Then arrangements have been made for you by the government, by Robeco and by the pension fund.


If you are fully or partially disabled for two years in a row, you will come into contact with the UWV (Uitvoeringsinstituut Employee Insurance Schemes). The UWV will then determine the degree of your incapacity for work by means of an examination. Those who are fully or partially incapacitated for work are covered by the WIA (Work and Income according to Labour Capacity Act). The WIA has two benefit level schemes:

    • the IVA (scheme Inkomensvoorziening Volledig Arbeidsongeschiktten) and
    • the WGA (Regulation for Resumption of Work by Partially Disabled Persons).


As a Robeco employee, you can participate in supplementary insurance, which entitles you to a supplement to your WIA benefit up to 70% of your last-earned salary, with a maximum of €71,628 (in 2024).

Pension fund

Non-contributory continuation of pension accrual
Is your employment with Robeco terminated due to occupational disability? Then pension accrual under the basic scheme will be continued as long as you are unfit for work. This is done on the basis of the last established pension base (your pensionable salary minus the deductible). If you are partially unfit for work, pension accrual for that part is continued on a non-contributory basis.

Occupational disability pension
Are you unfit for work and do you earn more than the maximum social insurance limit (in 2024: €71,628)? Then the pension fund will also pay a disability pension. This benefit starts immediately and amounts to 70% of the income above the maximum limit in case of full occupational disability and stops at the age of 67, as this is when the old-age pension starts.

Table for the level of the disability pension (AOP)

% arbeidsongeschikt AOP
< 35% 0% (no AOP)
35% – 45% 40% (= 28% of income above the maximum limit)
45% – 55% 50% (= 35% of income above the maximum limit)
55% – 65% 60% (= 42% of income above the maximum limit)
65% – 80% 72,5% (= 50,75% of income above the maximum limit)
> 80% 100% (full AOP = 70% of income above the maximum limit)


If the UWV determines that you are no longer incapacitated for work or that you are incapacitated for a lower percentage, the disability pension benefit will be terminated or reduced. Robeco Pension Fund follows the UWV’s decisions in this respect. If the UWV declares you disabled for less than 35%, the statutory benefits stop. The payment of the occupational disability pension will then still be partially continued. An independent insurance doctor will determine the percentage of your incapacity for work.