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Pension benefit abroad: what should you do?

Geplaatst op: 11-10-2019

If you accrued pension with Pensioenfonds Robeco, and you receive or will receive a pension benefit from us later while living abroad, then it’s important to know the following.

If you do not live in the Netherlands, then we will not have your address details. Therefore, please always pass on any address changes if you move abroad, as well as details of any subsequent moves.  Also, ensure that we have your email address and notify us of any future changes.

You can inform us of any changes via our digital portal: https://login.pensioenfondsrobeco.deelnemersportaal.nl/

Start of pension
Around six months before you retire, you will receive an email or letter by mail from us with an application form that will allow your pension to commence. You must also send us a certificate of life, a so-called attestatie de vita, signed by a competent authority.  This certificate will then be requested annually by the pension fund.

Even if you live abroad, you are obliged to pay taxes on the pension benefit that is being paid out in the Netherlands.  That is why we have to withhold wage tax from your pension.

Are you living in a country with which the Netherlands has concluded a treaty in order to avoid double taxation? Then you can request the Dutch tax authorities to issue an exemption statement.

After receiving your exemption statement, we no longer have to withhold wage tax from your pension.

You can request the exemption statement from:
Belastingdienst/Limburg/kantoor Buitenland
PO Box 2865
The Netherlands
Telephone +31 555 385 385

More information
You can find more information on the Dutch tax authorities website. (English)

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