Call to all sleepers (former participants)

Geplaatst op 12 December 2023

Are you a former employee of Robeco? Then join the Association of Sleepers of Robeco Pension Fund now. Stay informed and ensure that your voice is heard. <CLICK HERE>

On November 27, 2023, two sleepers, Anneke van der Meer and Caspar van der Woude, founded the Association of Sleepers of Robeco Pension Fund. This is because there are many changes happening in the pension scheme. This association represents the interests of the sleepers. With sufficient registrations, the association can exercise its right to be heard.

Former employees are called sleepers or former participants in the pension world. This group constitutes a majority in the pension fund, but due to the pension fund’s parity governance model, they have been the least represented in decision-making so far. The board of Robeco Pension Fund supports this initiative to ensure that sleepers are also well involved in the major changes ahead.

Want to know more? Visit the sleepers’ website at