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Robeco pension fund takes care of your pension provision

Stichting Pensioenfonds Robeco was founded on March 13, 1972. The fund is an independent organization, whose purpose is to provide a pension provision for current and former Robeco employees.

The pension fund aims to be a decisive financially sound non-profit organization, which transparently administers a modern pension plan at an acceptable cost and is transparently accountable for it.

Number of active participants 784   (01.01.2024)
Number of pensioners 359   (01.01.2024)
Number of former participants (sleepers) 1.896   (01.01.2024)
Indexation employees 3.8% per 01.02.2024
Indexation pensioners & sleepers 3.8% per 01.02.2024
Invested assets (basic scheme) € 897 mln.   (01.01.2024)
Invested capital (top-up scheme) € 76 mln.   (01.02.2024)
Policy funding ratio (market value) 152,4%   (01.01.2024)
Franchise € 17.545   (2024)
top-up limit € 87.302   (2024)


The pension fund has placed the administration of the pension plans and pension administration with Achmea Pensioen Services. The financial administration and reporting are also placed with Achmea Pensioen Services. The fiduciary asset management has been placed with Goldman Sachs Asset Management and the investment portfolio has been placed with several asset managers. Investment administration is carried out at Northern Trust.


The Robeco pension plan includes the ambition to maintain the value of pension rights. This means that the accrued pension is increased under certain conditions. The board decides each year whether and by how much the pension benefits will be increased.

The board’s long-term ambition is to compensate for 90% of inflation by granting a supplement (also called indexation). Note: indexation is not a right, but remains an aspiration. Every year in January it is decided whether, and by how much, pension benefits will be increased. Whether or not to index depends on the financial situation of the fund. You can find out how we have indexed in recent years at deze pagina .