Payment dates


Payment dates in 2024
and frequently asked questions

We will transfer your pension benefit every 25th of the month. If this day falls on a weekend or public holiday, we will transfer it on the working day before the 25th.


Betaaldata 2024
Thursday January 25.
Friday February 23.
Monday March 25.
Thursday April 25.
Friday May 24.
Tuesday Jun 25.
Thursday July 25.
Friday August 23.
Wednesday September 25.
Friday October 25.
Friday November 24.
Friday December 20.


Holiday pay is included in the monthly pension payment.
It is therefore not paid separately.

You will receive a pension specification only if the amount you receive changes from the previous month.

You will receive your annual statement for the past year in February every year. You can also go to mypensioen for this.

Then you will receive your pension a few days to a week later.