Uniform Pension Summary (UPS)


You receive an UPS for each type of scheme you participate in

Every year, a Uniform Pension Summary (UPS) of the pension fund is available for you in the digital portal. This statement gives you an overview of your pension situation at a glance.

You will see the pension you have accrued so far. You will find a UPS for each type of scheme you participate in. So in any case, a UPS for the basic scheme you participate in and possibly also a UPS for the gross and/or net top-up scheme, if your salary is above the end of scale 100.

The UPS was designed by insurers and pension funds. All pension providers use this overview. As a result, you can easily compare different statements and add up the amounts. This gives you better insight into your total income after retirement and in case of disability. You can also see what your partner will be entitled to if you die.

Retirement planning

You can see through the website www.mijnpensioenoverzicht.nl:

  • what the size of your total pension is;
  • what happens to your pension if you stop working early;
  • what your dependants will receive if you die;
  • what happens to your pension if you become unemployed or leave employment.

Want to see other calculations? Then log in to the digital portal.


Do you have questions about your UPS? Then read the explanation first. Do you still have questions after that? Then e-mail them to robecopensioen@achmea.nl. You can also contact Achmea to request a duplicate.

Leaving Robeco

When you leave Robeco, you will receive a statement of your pension entitlements with Robeco. After that, you will receive a statement every year, unless you have transferred all entitlements to your new employer’s pension fund.