Pensioners Association


For the interests of retired participants

Since its establishment in 1998, the Robeco Pensioners Association has stood up for the interests of retired members of Robeco’s pension fund. The association also promotes contact between retired former colleagues and contact with Robeco.

Meetings are organised twice a year. In spring, the annual Members’ Meeting is held on location. In autumn, there is a meeting at Robeco’s office.

As elected representatives of the pensioners, two members of the Association sit on the board of Robeco’s pension fund. Anton Fiolet is a member (with voting rights) and Willem van Someren Gréve is a (prospective) deputy member (without voting rights). Representatives of the pensioners also sit on the Accountability Body. Currently, they are Joop Reinders and Anne Zuidema.

Would you like to become a member?

Are you retired or about to (pre)retire and not yet a member? Then you can join the Robeco Pensioners’ Association for a membership fee of €15 a year by contacting Joop Telder (details see below).

The board

  Function E-mailadress Telephone
Anton Fiolet Secretary, acting chairman 030-6931198
Joop Telder Treasurer 0164-234300
Joke Verschoor Member
Roel Dubbelman Member
Jan Remmerswaal Member

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