ABN Amro Pension Services stopt met uitvoering aanvullende pensioenregeling

Geplaatst op 5 September 2023

ABN AMRO Pension Services (AAPS) has announced its discontinuation of providing supplementary pension schemes for all its clients. Since 2020, AAPS has been the administrator of these supplementary schemes on behalf of the Robeco Pension Fund. Prior to that, the administrator was Flexioen (Robeco).

The Robeco Pension Fund is in search of a new service provider. In collaboration with employers, the Pension Fund is exploring the best solution for transferring the supplementary schemes. By mid-2024 at the latest, the schemes are expected to be transferred to a new service provider. The Pension Fund anticipates providing comprehensive information to all participants regarding the chosen solutions by the end of this year.

Robeco’s pension scheme comprises a basic scheme for everyone and two supplementary schemes (gross and net schemes) for colleagues with a salary above €87,302 and €128,810 (2023). This pertains solely to the administration of the supplementary schemes. Some participants also have a pre-pension scheme, which has been closed since 2006.