Policy for Catch-up Indexation Adjusted

Geplaatst op 13 November 2023

The pension fund’s board has decided to modify the policy for granting supplements related to accrued arrears (catch-up indexation policy), enabling the pension fund to implement catch-up indexation sooner.

Up until now, the policy stated that catch-up indexation could be granted when the policy coverage ratio at market value is 10% higher than the future-proof upper limit for regular indexation. It has been decided to eliminate this 10% surcharge.

The reason for this adjustment lies in the realistic assumption that the pension fund will transition to the new pension system. The social partners have opted for a flexible arrangement, meaning the pension fund will maintain significantly fewer buffers in the future. These buffers will ultimately be distributed evenly among all participants (referred to as ‘transitioning’). Based on the current high coverage ratio, the board finds it fair and justifiable to utilize a portion of the buffers for additional indexation.

In January 2024, the board will make a decision regarding the granted indexation effective from February 1, 2024.

In januari 2024 neemt het bestuur een besluit over de toe te kennen indexatie per 1 februari 2024.