Catch-up indexation: 39% of individual arrears

Geplaatst op 22 February 2024

Every participant will soon receive 39% of individual arrears. In early April, participants will receive a letter detailing what this catch-up indexation, expressed in euros, means for them personally.

On 19 January, we posted a news item about the 3.8% indexation granted on our members’ pensions as of 1 February. In that news item, we also stated that participants will receive a catch-up indexation on top of this, based on Pensioenfonds Robeco’s indexation policy.

Depending on how long someone has been a member and his/her status (e.g. retired or active), the indexation arrears may differ. We keep track in our records of indexation arrears from 2019 onwards.


    1. A participant has an indexation arrears of 10%. This participant now receives a catch-up indexation of 3.9%
    2. A participant has an indexation arrears of 2%. This participant now gets a catch-up indexation of 0.78%