As of February 1: Pension increase of 3.8%

Geplaatst op 29 January 2024

The pension fund board has decided to increase the pension entitlements in the basic scheme for active participants, former participants, and pensioners by 3.8% as of February 1. In addition, the board has decided to grant a catch-up indexation.

According to the indexation policy of Pensioenfonds Robeco, a full indexation can be granted. The average price increase for 2023 was 3.8%.

Increase to keep pace with price increases
Every year, your pension fund assesses whether the pensions of all its participants can be increased. This is intended to ensure that your pension keeps pace (as much as possible) with the rise in prices and thus maintains its value. (the supplement is at most equal to the 12-month average of the unadjusted CBS Consumer Price Index for all households). The pension increase depends on the financial situation of the pension fund. It must be good enough to increase pensions now and in the future.

Catch-Up Indexation
Even though we aim to increase your pension each year based on inflation, it hasn’t always been possible in recent years. We can now partially make up for the indexation backlog with a catch-up indication. We keep a personalized record of the indexation backlog for all participants. Everyone receives an equal portion of their individual backlog. On average, this results in an additional indexation of 2%. If you’ve been a participant in the pension fund for a long time, you may have a higher indexation backlog than someone who has been a participant for a shorter period. Some participants may not have an indexation backlog at all. You will receive personalized information about the additional increase that applies to you. This is in addition to the ‘regular’ indexation of 3.8% that everyone will receive this year.