Net top up pension scheme


Net Employee Pension a.s.r.

The administrator of the net supplementary scheme, ABN AMRO Pension Services (AAPS) will cease to operate in  2024. AAPS has decided to discontinue this service. Together with the employer Robeco, we have selected insurance company a.s.r. as the new administrator of the net scheme.

For anyone with accrued net capital, this means that the capital must be transferred to a.s.r. soon. It is not possible to leave the capital with AAPS. Transferring your capital is called a collective value transfer.

Transfer after DNB approval
The Accountability Committee of Robeco Pension Fund has given a positive advice and the Supervisory Board has agreed. Only after De Nederlandsche Bank’s approval will we transfer your capital. Everyone who used the net supplementary scheme will receive a personal message about this.

Product terms and conditions a.s.r. applicable
For (former) participants to whom this applies, A.s.r. transfers the non-contributory capital from the net scheme of Pensioenfonds Robeco into the net pension scheme at a.s.r. The standard product conditions and (investment) options as applicable in the net Employees’ Pension apply. It is not possible to make contributions for pension accrual in the net pension scheme since 01-04-2024.

More information?
For questions, of course we are! If you want to know how high your current pension capital is, log in to your personal portal at AAPS: ABN AMRO Pension Services. You can download the new a.s.r. regulations and the 2024 investment brochure to the right.

It is also possible to contact an independent financial adviser yourself. The advisor will answer your questions and provide explanations in a consultation. An advice session costs money, which you pay yourself.