Exchanging pension


Swap partner pension for extra retirement pension

You can increase your own pension at retirement by exchanging the partner pension for additional retirement pension. You can then use this higher pension to retire earlier.

To exchange partner pension, you need your partner’s consent. The reverse is also possible. You can exchange part of your retirement pension for a higher partner pension, provided the partner pension does not exceed 70% of the retirement pension after the exchange.

The latter can make sense if, for example, you have a new partner after a divorce. For this new partner, the accrued partner pension may be comparatively low, because part of the partner pension has become ‘special partner pension’ to which your ex-partner is entitled. Read more >

In the top-up schemes, you have a similar option. On retirement, you can choose to use the accrued capital to purchase only a retirement pension or a retirement and partner pension. Would you like to use the exchange option? Please indicate this 6 months before your desired retirement date by sending an e-mail to robecopensioen@achmea.nl.

An indication of the effects of exchange:

  • Exchange of the full partner pension into retirement pension starting at age 67 yields about 25% more retirement pension (factors 2023).
  • Exchange of €100 old-age pension into partner pension yields about €405 extra partner pension at age 67. The partner pension cannot exceed 70% of the old-age pension.
  • Switching an old-age pension to a higher partner pension can be interesting, for instance, if you are divorced and have a new partner. The regular partner pension is then lower because your ex-partner is entitled to a special partner pension.