Marriage or cohabitation


Provide your partner’s name to us
when you move in together

It is important for the pension fund to know if you have a partner. This is because your partner is eligible for a partner’s pension if you should pass away.

If you get married or have your relationship registered (registered civil partnership), then the pension fund will automatically be informed. This is not the case if you live together and have a notarial deed drafted. You will then be required to send a copy of the deed to the pension fund.

If you cohabit with someone without a notarial deed that specifies a mutual duty of care, your partner will not be entitled to a partner pension unless you have been registered at the same home address for at least five years and can prove that you have had a duty of care towards one another for that entire period.

If you marry or enter a civil partnership after your retirement pension has started, your partner will not be entitled to claim a partner pension after your death.