Retiring earlier


Notify 6 months before desired effective date

The normal pensionable age is 67. However, it is possible to retire early.
The earliest you can stop working is at age 62.

If you stop working sooner, your pension-accrual period is shorter and your pension will be paid out over a longer period. This means that your monthly payment will be lower as a result. The conversion tables for calculating your retirement pension if you decide to stop working sooner are adjusted every year. From April 1st 2023 until April 1st 2024 the following conversion table applies:

Entry into retirement pension on: Retirement pension* 
62 years old 74.16%
63 years old 78.33%
64 years old 82.93%
65 years old 88.02%
66 years old 93.68%
67 years old 100.00%

*as % of the accrued pension at 67

Whatever retirement date you choose, your partner pension will be 70% of the retirement pension that you would have received at age 67. Early retirement therefore has no effect on your partner pension. The orphan’s pension also remains the same.

However, you can choose to exchange part of your retirement pension for a higher partner pension when you retire.