Transfer of value


Transferring accrued pensions

If you join or leave Robeco, you can take the pension you have already accrued with you. This is called transfer of value.

Joining Robeco

You can transfer the pension you have accrued elsewhere to the Robeco pension scheme. Within the Robeco pension scheme, in principle, accrued pensions will be added to your Robeco pension in the basic scheme. Depending on your salary, your previously accrued pension will be added partly to the basic scheme and partly to your DC account. The advantage of value transfer is that your pension is placed with one institution and that the entitlements belong to an ‘active membership’.

You can download the value transfer form here.

Leaving Robeco

You can transfer the value of the pension from the basic scheme, the capital in the DC account (both gross and net) and any pre-pension entitlements to your new employer’s pension fund. After the value transfer, all entitlements at Stichting Pensioenfonds Robeco lapse. So you will no longer receive a pension from us. In principle, you always transfer all accrued amounts, unless your new pension provider cannot facilitate this.

How does transfer of value work?

Ask your new employer’s pension fund to contact Pensioenfonds Robeco. Your new employer’s pension fund can then tell you what you will get for your ‘old’ pension. In other words, the new pension provider will translate your old pension into a pension entitlement under the new pension scheme.

Are you leaving Robeco and not opting for value transfer?

If you do not opt for value transfer, you will receive a statement of the amount of your accrued pension from us every 5 years. You can then also still change the investment mix for the DC capital. The pension in the basic scheme grows with any supplements; the DC capital grows with the return on your investments.

What should you pay attention to when making a value transfer?

  • Sometimes supplements on pension entitlements of active members are based on a wage index while out-of-service members follow a price index. At our pension fund, all participants follow price inflation for supplements. The board decides annually whether indexation is possible.
  • The level of the coverage ratio of your old and your new pension fund. With a higher coverage ratio, the probability of supplements is usually higher.
  • You cannot transfer the right to catch-up indexation (past missed supplements) to another pension fund.
  • If you transfer (part of) your pension entitlements from a basic scheme to a defined contribution scheme (like the DC account in our pension fund), the investment risk will be entirely yours from now on. Incidentally, the benefit in our basic scheme also depends on the investment return.
  • Are there any guarantees in your old pension scheme, such as additional payments from an employer if the pension fund is in bad shape or a guarantee of supplements? The affiliated employers at Robeco Pension Fund do not make additional payments if there is a deficit and in the pension scheme at Robeco Pension Fund there is no guarantee of indexation. In extreme cases, pensions in the basic scheme may even be reduced.
  • Did you have a survivor’s pension on a risk basis with your previous pension fund? Then this coverage will lapse when you leave employment.
  • If you are going to work somewhere else and you do an outgoing value transfer, then

Choosing whether or not to transfer value is complicated. Therefore, get well informed. You can contact us for this on 013 462 3591.

Please note: that your application for value transfer may be ‘frozen’ in some situations. For example, if the financial situation of the old or new pension provider does not allow value transfer. As soon as the financial position is restored, your application will be processed again. The pension fund will inform you when such a situation arises.