Personal contribution


You yourself pay a maximum of 6%
of the total premium

Your employer and you jointly pay the premium for your pension in the basic scheme. That premium is the price of your pension.

The costs of the pension scheme are paid by Robeco to the pension fund. In addition, you pay an own contribution to the employer for the accrual of your pension. This own contribution is 25% of the premium that Robeco pays for accrual in the basic scheme.

Your own contribution is capped: you pay a maximum of 6.0% of the pension base (gross pay minus franchise) for the basic scheme. Your own contribution is deducted from your gross salary. On your pay slip you will see the exact premium amount that is withheld from you. The Robeco contribution is not shown there.

For the top-up scheme you do not pay a contribution. Robeco is the only provider of premiums for these.