How does pension work?


You accrue three types of pension in the Netherlands

  1. AOW

  2. Pension at the Robeco pension fund

  3. Pension that you arrange yourself

1. AOW: this pension you get from the government

The AOW is the government’s statutory pension. You build up that pension over 50 years, but only if you live and/or work in the Netherlands. From what age you will receive AOW depends on your date of birth. If life expectancy increases, the AOW age will rise in the coming years.

The amount of AOW is not the same for everyone. Moreover, the AOW amounts are adjusted every year. Click here for more information about the AOW and your AOW age.

Note: Have you not always lived or worked in the Netherlands? If so, your AOW may be lower.

2. The pension you accrue through your work

How much pension you accrue with Pensioenfonds Robeco can be seen on your Uniform Pension Overviews (UPOs). We send you these statements every year. You receive separate UPOs for your pension accrual in:

Want a total overview, including your state pension and the pensions you have accrued with other employers? Then take a look at

3. The pension supplement you take care of yourself

You can arrange your own supplement to your state pension and the pension you accrue through Robeco. There are several ways to do this. For example:

  • you start bank savings
  • you take out insurance such as an annuity
  • you accrue extra pension in the Robeco Pension Fund scheme.

Whether you choose one of these options depends on your financial and personal situation. A financial adviser can help you decide.