Pension contract

The current (basic) pension scheme  is a benefit agreement. This means that participants, like you, accrue a pension. You are promised a certain amount when you retire. The new pension scheme will be a premium agreement the amount of the pension contribution will largely determine what kind of pension you will receive later. This makes it more like the current supplementary scheme.

The premium agreement will soon have two possible forms:

  1. The solidary scheme: a new pension contract with 1 investment policy which applies to everyone (collectively). The fund invests the total amount of capital, the total of the individual pension pots, collectively with one collective investment result. The investment result is divided among the participants’ pension pots depending on their age. Risks are shared in a balanced way between generations;
  2. The flexible scheme: a so-called ‘improved premium scheme’ in which the accrual and benefit phases are separated and participants have their own accrued pension capital on the retirement date.

The social partners will decide in the near future which contract will be worked out in more detail.

How does this new contract affect you?

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