Investment method


In part, you get to choose for yourself

Besides your pension accrual in the basic scheme, do you also accrue pension through the supplementary scheme(s)? Then you can partly choose how the premiums are invested.

If you do not choose, you will be allocated an investment mix that suits your age. This means that the older you are, the less risky your investments will be. After all, as your retirement date approaches, you have less time to recoup any losses. More risky investments, on the other hand, offer a greater chance of higher returns in the long run. Over time, the balances already built up in the account are always adjusted to the investment mix that suits your age.

Do you want to choose how the premiums in the top-up scheme(s) are invested? Then your investment profile will be determined first, after which you can choose from the investment funds available. There are ‘safe’ investment mixes that are low-risk and have a slightly lower expected return on average. There are also more risky mixes, which can deliver higher returns on average. With none of the mixes can one say in advance what the returns will be from the investments.