Benefit recipients


Information for pension benefit recipients

Do you receive a pension benefit? Then this information is especially for you. In any case, you accrued pension through the basic scheme on your salary up to the maximum of scale 100.

Until 1 January 2011, the basic scheme was a final-pay scheme, meaning you accrued pension each year on the salary you earned in that year. If your salary increased, your previously accrued pension entitlements were increased. From 1 January 2011, the basic scheme became an average pay scheme. This means that any salary increases will not increase previously accrued pension entitlements.

Above the end of scale 100, Robeco employees also currently accrue top-up capital. The top-up scheme is a defined contribution scheme. The premium for building up the top-up capital can be deposited in a so-called ‘UOP account’ (for building up pension capital), or added to the gross salary.

Did you also participate in the supplementary scheme? Then any such capital was converted into retirement pension on the effective date of your pension. The final amount of the capital depended on the amount of premiums paid in and the return achieved on investments. The amount of the pension you received through conversion depended on the interest rate at the time the balance was converted into pension.

You may also have had pre-retirement entitlements. Have you had the pre-pension capital converted to a pension account? Then it has been added to the old-age pension by default. You will find an overview of these entitlements on your pension statement that you receive once a year from Pensioenfonds Robeco.