Retirement pension


Retirement pension is paid from the retirement date

Your partner has accrued a pension with Pensioenfonds Robeco during his or her career. In principle, this old-age pension will be paid out from the retirement date.

Did your partner die during employment, after employment or as a pensioner? Then the old-age pension will lapse and you will receive a monthly payment from the pension fund. This is called the partner’s pension. The partner’s pension is paid for the rest of your life, starting from the first month after your partner’s death. Your children, if any, are also entitled to orphan’s pension until the age of 27.

Did your partner die when he or she was already retired? Then when he or she retired, he or she could choose to exchange the partner’s pension for an extra retirement pension. This means that your partner waived the partner’s pension and received a higher old-age pension in return. In that case, you had to agree to this in writing. If you both opted for an exchange, you will no longer be entitled to a partner’s pension.