Supervisory board


Reviews direction and policy procedures of the fund by the board

The Supervisory Board is concerned with reviewing policy and board procedures, the board’s management of the fund and how the board deals with risk.

The Supervisory Board reports to the Board and discusses the report and any subsequent proposed Board decisions with the Accountability Body. The findings are reported in the annual report.

The Supervisory Board consists of three people, each of whom complements existing bodies or controlling institutions such as auditors and actuaries.

Members of the Supervisory Board

  Rounding off 3rd reappointment 2nd reappointment 1st reappointment Appointed
Peter Priester (Chm.) February 2025 Februari 2023 February 2021 February 2019 February 2017
Casper Lötgerink July 2030 Juli 2028 July 2026 July 2024 July 2022
Evalinde Eelens July 2031 Juli 2029 July 2027 July 2025 July 2023

Main points of the statutes

  • The board shall establish a supervisory board consisting of 3 persons. The appointment will not take place before the approval by DNB.
  • Supervisory Board members are appointed for a period of 2 years.
  • After expiry of this period, the members may be reappointed twice according to the Supervisory Board regulations but three times according to the articles of association.
  • The Board may dismiss members of the Supervisory Board after receiving the unanimous advice of the Accountability Body.