Responsible for the general conduct of business

In carrying out its duties, the board ensures that employees, former employees, retirees and the employer are equally represented.

Three board members were appointed by the employer, two members elected by the employees along with two alternate members, and one member appointed by representatives of the pensioners on the Accountability Committee along with an alternate member as well. The board has appointed Rein Godding as director.

The board consists of expert members from various fields. The members of the board are also employed by Robeco or have been employed by Robeco at some point in their careers, which ensures a high level of commitment.

The board is composed as follows:

  Function Representing Member since End of term
Margret Smits Chairwoman Employer 01-07-2023 01-07-2027
Rutger de Wit Member Employer 16-01-2023 16-01-2027
Roeland Moraal Alt. member for (B) Employee 07-03-2024 07-03-2027
Machiel Zwanenburg Member Employer 23-12-2016 23-12-2024
Hendrik Bulle (A) Member, alt. chairman Employee 20-03-2018 20-03-2026
Marco van Zanten Alt. member for (A) Employee 01-05-2019 01-05-2028
Wilma de Groot (B) Member Employee 10-12-2013 01-06-2025
Anton Fiolet Member Pensioners 14-03-2017 14-03-2025
Willem v. Someren Gréve Alt. member Pensioners 16-11-2021 16-11-2025


Outlines from the statutes (09-05-2014)

  • Joint Board.
  • 6 board members.
  • 3 employer representatives. Are nominated by management and must be employees of the employer.
  • 2 representatives of the participants. Are elected by and from the members.
  • 1 representative of the pensioners. Are elected by the pensioners’ representatives on the Accountability Committee and must be a pensioner.
  • The nominated candidates are appointed by the Board, after the Supervisory Board has indicated that it will not prevent the appointment.
  • The board, by a majority vote, elects a chairman from among its members.

Composition of board


Roeland Moraal

Bestuurslid en lid beleggingscommissie


Wilma de Groot

Bestuurslid en voorzitter beleggingscommissie


Willem van Someren Gréve



Margret Smits

Voorzitter bestuur en communicatiecommissie


Rutger de Wit

Bestuurslid, lid integrale risicomanagementcommissie en lid communicatiecommissie


Hendrik Bulle

Plaatsvervangend voorzitter bestuur en voorzitter pensioencommissie


Machiel Zwanenburg

Bestuurslid, voorzitter integrale risicomanagementcommissie en portefeuillehouder duurzaamheid.


Marco van Zanten

Bestuurslid met aandachtsgebied uitbesteding en verslaglegging en lid integrale risicomanagementcommissie


Anton Fiolet

Bestuurslid en lid pensioencommissie