Investment committee


Five members: three external members and two board members

The committee advises the board on investment policy and risk management.

  Function Member since End of term
Wilma de Groot Chairwoman, board member 15-12-2014 15-12-2025
Roeland Moraal Board member 30-06-2020 30-06-2024
Rikkert Scholten External member, employed at Robeco 01-10-2023 01-10-2027
Laurens Swinkels External member, employed at Robeco 16-12-2016 16-12-2024
Tom Steenkamp External member 01-07-2023 01-07-2027

Main points of the regulations

  • The investment committee consists of five members: two board members and three external members (one of whom is not employed by Robeco).
  • The board appoints the members of the investment committee.
  • One of the members is appointed chairman by the committee.
  • The members of the committee are appointed for a period of 4 years and, after this period has expired, may be appointed twice for a new period. In individual cases the board may deviate from the maximum term of office.

The auditor and actuary

The auditor of Stichting Pensioenfonds Robeco is PricewaterhouseCoopers. The certifying actuary is Aon and the consulting actuary is Mercer.

Investment policy

The pension fund has outsourced investment management to Goldman Sachs Asset Management. GSAM implements the investment policy as adopted by the board.