Choices during employment


Even if you’re still working, there is something to choose from

During your time at Robeco, there are several opportunities to influence your income later.

Allocation of the top-up premium

If you are eligible for the top-up scheme, Robeco will provide the premium. This premium is paid into the pension scheme in the DC account up to a pensionable salary of €137,800 (2024) by default. You have the option of adding this to your gross salary. You can specify this every year via MyWorkday..

Your investment mix

If you are accruing a pension through the top-up scheme, you have the option of choosing how to invest the top-up premiums. If you do not make a choice, you will be allocated an investment mix that matches your age (known as ‘life-cycle investing’). We check twice a year whether your  investment mix and portfolio need to be adjusted to match your age. Do you want to make choices in your investment mix? Then you have to fill in a risk profile, after which you can chose for several investment funds.

Early retirement

The normal pensionable age is 67. However, it is possible to retire early. If you stop working sooner, your pension-accrual period is shorter and your pension will be paid out over a longer period. This means that your monthly payment will be lower as a result. The earliest you can stop working is at age 62. Read more

Additional voluntary contributions

You can also choose to make supplementary deposits. The amounts you wish to deposit will then be deducted from your gross salary. The supplementary amount you can deposit depends on your tax allowance. You can check on Robeco’s intranet site what this allowance is. You can also use this site to arrange for any supplementary deposits.

Transfer of pension assets

It is possible to transfer a pension that you have accrued elsewhere to the Robeco pension scheme. Under the Robeco pension scheme any accrued pension entitlements will be added to those under the pension scheme. The advantage of value transfer is that your pension is then handled by a single agency and that your entitlements will fall under ‘active participation’. Often the pension entitlements of active participants are more  favorably indexed than those of ‘sleepers’ (participants who have left employment). The value-transfer form can be found on the pension fund’s website. Read more