Transparency and reporting


In the annual report, we account to you

On the implementation and execution of our policy. We report below on the exclusion policy, the voting policy and the engagement policy. The pension fund’s ambition is to follow the exclusion list of the affiliated company Robeco as much as possible.

The pension fund does not invest directly in shares, but only through mutual funds managed by specialised asset managers. As we are a participant in the investment fund and not the legal owner of the shares held by the investment fund, we unfortunately cannot apply our own voting policy. The voting policy of the asset managers therefore automatically applies to our equity investments. We also use the engagement policies of our asset managers for dialogue with companies and do not conduct our own dialogue with companies in which we invest.

The overview below presents the voting and engagement reporting of our appointed equity managers.

Equity manager Engagement policy Voting policy
Robeco Engagement report Voting-report
Aberdeen Stewardship report Voting-report
Pimco ESG report Voting-report

Robeco pension fund accounts for its socially responsible investment policy in its annual report.